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Find Clinical Study Participants

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Not only do we collect data from potential patients on an ongoing basis, but we can also specifically market your study. Our e-mail alerts will let existing registrants know about your trial the minute you sign up with us, and thousands more potential patients visit our site each month.

Targeted Recruitment

We know that you don’t need just anyone to participate in your clinical trial; you’re seeking individuals with a specific condition or health profile, as well as perhaps people of a certain gender or within a certain age range or geographic location.

What makes Clinical Study Connect different from other recruitment methods is our ability to screen possible patients who will meet your exact criteria. Plus, potential participants can complete screening forms directly through our site, so you’ll end up with only those individuals who are bona fide contenders.

Our Network

Clinical Study Connect is just one of many health-related sites in Tsavo’s network, which collectively draws over 30 million users month after month. Our rich content and performance-based web marketing have made us a major North American and international presence and a leader in the online revolution.

By leveraging our skills and visibility, we’re able to draw thousands of potential participants and convert them into actual leads for clinical trial sponsors. Let us help you reach your target audience and compile a list of viable study patients quickly and almost effortlessly. Simply fill out the form to list your clinical trial with us today.