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Multiple sclerosis is still one of the least understood diseases in the medical industry. People with multiple sclerosis know the importance of the continued research that will hopefully not only lead to better, more effective treatments but will also lead to a cure. As more multiple sclerosis information arises from testing, researches get closer to understanding the condition.

There is no cure for MS at this time, so treatment generally focuses on limiting the number of attacks that patients experience (these attacks can range from mild to severe, and can include issues such as fatigue, dizziness, hearing loss, tingling and numbness, seizures and vision problems). There are many medications currently available that can help. MS patients are also prescribed lifestyle changes, such as getting moderate exercise, minimizing stress and getting a flu shot, to help minimize their risk of an attack.

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Developments

Along with current MS treatments, there are many new drugs undergoing clinical testing. Dosages, treatment commencement time and length of treatment are all being examined before determining the success of the new medications.

Stem cell research and multiple sclerosis is also a current topic of many clinical trials. It’s believed that stem cells introduced into the body of an MS patient may be able to help repair the damage the disease has caused on the myelin that surrounds nerve cells.

Along with treatment options, scientists continue to search for causes of multiple sclerosis. Genetics, environmental triggers, viruses and hormones are just a few of the factors being investigated in clinical trials as possible causes for MS, but to date, no definitive cause has been pinpointed.

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