Clinical Trials for Fibroid Tumor and Cyst Treatments

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Not everyone is familiar with fibroids (also known as fibroid tumors or fibroid cysts), but the condition is surprisingly common. Uterine fibroids and ovarian fibroids are the two most common types, and over 30 percent of women experience them. Many women won’t experience symptoms and won’t require treatment for their fibroids, but for those who do experience symptoms, such as heavy menstrual bleeding, constipation and pressure in the pelvic area, treatment will be necessary.

Because the symptoms of fibroids are often manageable, many sufferers won’t choose to simply wait for menopause, where estrogen increase may help shrink their fibroids. In serious cases, a hysterectomy may be necessary.

Fibroid Treatment Developments

Researchers continue to work toward less radical treatment for fibroids than major surgery. Current treatment options being studied through clinical trials include laparoscopic radiofrequency, MRI and ultrasound treatments to help remove or reduce the size of fibroid cysts. New drugs are also being tested to achieve the same effect.

Research is also being conducted on possible causes of fibroids, as no true cause has been identified to date. Some researchers believe the condition may be genetic, while hormone levels are also being examined as a possible contributing factor.

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