Epilepsy Research and Clinical Studies

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While many advances have been made in understanding epilepsy—a condition characterized primarily by seizures that present in varying ranges of severity—there is still much that is not known about the treatment and causes of the condition. Though there are many identifiable triggers or causes for epilepsy, including head injuries, genetics and environmental causes, there are still many instances of the disorder where a cause cannot be determined.

Current epilepsy medication options revolve around controlling the seizures associated with the condition. For many people, these medications can drastically reduce the number of seizures suffered, while in others they can suppress seizures altogether. In some cases, medication isn’t enough to stop seizures from occurring; surgery may be necessary.

Epilepsy Treatment Developments

Ongoing epilepsy research develops better techniques and treatment options that can lead to a better quality of life. New epilepsy drugs are undergoing clinical trials, and new surgical options, such as early intervention surgery, are also being investigated.

New epilepsy information is also emerging on exactly how the condition should be treated and what should be included to achieve the best possible patient care. Many medical professionals believe epilepsy is often over-treated, and are striving to find the balance between treating the disease and limiting the side effects for patients.

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