Clinical Studies for Diabetes Mellitus

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Instances of diabetes (officially known as diabetes mellitus) are on the rise in North America. In light of its prevalence, it’s no surprise that scientists and medical experts are dedicating resources and funding into the many forms of the disease—including type 1 diabetes (also known as juvenile diabetes), type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes.

While there are current methods in place for controlling diabetes that are quite effective, research continues into drug therapies and treatment options to help those who suffer from the condition receive better and more comprehensive diabetes care and to prevent the condition in those at risk.

Diabetes Treatment Developments

Diabetes research and clinical studies are split into two areas—helping prevent the condition and helping those who already have the disease. In terms of prevention, many medications and medical therapies are being tested to help the body make, process and regulate insulin. Clinical trials for these medications are generally conducted on those designated at a high risk for diabetes, and will study the medication’s effectiveness on preventing the progression of the condition.

For those who already have diabetes, research is being conducted into the various symptoms or side effects of the disease (for example, vision loss in sufferers of type 2 diabetes). Other factors, such as the emotional impact of diabetes and the ability to self-manage the condition, may also be studied. Studying these areas and experimenting with new diabetes treatment options will ideally lead to better diabetes care.

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