Clinical Trials to Research Future Treatment of Depression

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Not long ago, there was no established medical diagnosis for depression. Many sufferers wouldn’t see a doctor at all for fear of the stigma, while those who did were often told that they would snap out of their symptoms or that they were simply going through a bad spell.

Fortunately, diagnosis and treatment has come a long way. Therapy and counseling are now common treatment options, and new and effective depression medications have helped many sufferers cope with their symptoms. Still, there is a long way to go to fully understand the many forms of depression and to establish effective treatment plans for all of them.

Depression Treatment Developments

As more information begins to emerge, new treatment options will appear. Research for future treatment of depression has already begun, and it not only focuses on new depression drugs, but also on how depression affects different people. For example, clinical trials are now looking at postpartum women, AIDS sufferers, people with terminal illnesses and many other classifications to determine the variations in how depression is experienced.

Depression study trials are also looking at alternative treatment options, outside of or in combination with depression medication. Sample topics of these studies include music therapy, diet, exercise and hormone replacements.

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