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For those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, living with the condition can be a challenge—not only because of the physical symptoms that begin to manifest, such as memory loss, disorientation and mood changes, but also because there is still little known about the causes of the condition and how it will affect specific individuals.

While Alzheimer’s research is ongoing and more information on the disease is emerging every day, treatment options are still in the early stages. A vast number of medications are being tested, but the results are still inconclusive as to their effectiveness in preventing the disease or slowing its progression.

Alzheimer’s Treatment Developments

Until more information about the origins of the condition are discovered, Alzheimer’s clinical studies are generally focusing on testing new and existing Alzheimer’s medication that can help slow down the progression of the disease.

Research is also being conducted into new methods of treatment, such as magnetic stimulation, to help Alzheimer’s patients reverse some of the cognitive damage caused by the disease. New methods for administering medication, such as the Alzheimer’s patch, are also in the works, to simplify treatment for Alzheimer’s sufferers and/or their caregivers.

In addition to treating the disease, studies are also being conducted to determine its causes, in the hopes of finding one or more Alzheimer’s cures. Factors like age, genetics and brain chemistry are all being examined as potential root causes, while certain dietary factors are being investigated as a possible preventative measure for the disease.

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