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Clinical Study Connect matches people with medical conditions to clinical trials happening in their area. Simply give us your name, contact information and condition, and we’ll send you a list of current trials being conducted by our sponsors. Plus, you’ll receive e-mail alerts whenever a new study matching your criteria becomes available.

Very few clinical trial participants hear about clinical trials from their doctor. Most get their information from the media, including the Internet. Clinical Study Connect takes it one step further, providing not only information but also the ability to connect instantly with trial sponsors and sign up to participate.

About Clinical Trials

Clinical trials or studies are essentially health-related experiments with human participants. Of course, they follow strict guidelines and must be approved by a committee to ensure they are both ethical and safe. Although there are risks inherent in clinical research, these are generally outweighed by the benefits. Also, because clinical testing is usually the last stage of research before a treatment is approved for widespread use, treatments at this stage are usually relatively safe and effective.

The Benefits of Participation

If you suffer from a disease or medical condition, participating in a clinical trial can offer several benefits:

  1. You will get access to cutting-edge research, medications, treatments and therapies.
  2. You will receive free medical attention, and possibly free prescriptions or treatments.
  3. You may experience improved health and quality of life.
  4. You may be compensated for your time and/or any travel required to participate in the study.
  5. You will be contributing to medical knowledge in general and to the understanding of your condition in particular.

Getting into a Clinical Trial

Not everyone with a particular condition is accepted into a clinical trial—there are usually strict criteria for participant selection. If you are interested in a clinical trial, you will have to fill out an extensive screening form, which usually takes between 10 and 15 minutes. (We will send you the link by e-mail so that you can complete the form at your convenience.) There may then be additional requirements to meet before you’re officially entered into the trial.

Informed Consent

If you are selected to participate in a study, you will be informed of all protocols, risks, benefits and alternatives prior to the trial’s start. Among the paperwork you’ll be asked to complete will be an informed consent form. This form must be signed by each participant, as it is required by governing bodies to ensure that study participants are entering the trial voluntarily. Be sure you truly understand what you’re getting into before you sign it.

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