About Us

ClinicalStudyConnect.com is a service that connects individuals with specific medical conditions to relevant clinical trials in their geographical area. We believe that clinical research is a vital to progress in the field of medical research. We also believe that the free access to medical care and supplies offered by many clinical studies should be available to as many individuals as possible.

We have established relationships with a number of organizations across the United States that seek participants for clinical trials. We offer our users the chance to be alerted whenever a new or modified clinical trial is seeking participants. We send out monthly, no-obligation e-mail alerts to our subscribers. Occasionally, we send out e-mails more frequently than once a month. This only happens in the case of a re-screening for a newly-added trial or a modified trial.

It’s important to note that the team at ClinicalStudyConnect.com does not administer any clinical trials. We are not medical researchers. We are simply a service that alerts our subscribers when a clinical study is seeking participants in a specific geographic area. It is always up to the medical researchers conducting the study to decide who is eligible to participate.

We abide by privacy laws and we do not have access to any of the private health information that is required by third party screeners.


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